My flight got cancelled thanks to that fire at the Newark airport


How to pick up women.

Screw you DAD for not teaching this move!  

This guy is a genius


Ostrich Chases Giraffe

Hey, Ostrich, you’re coming on a little strong.

That giraffe better run faster


10 Ridiculous Crime Headlines 

This just in: idiocy.

Oh.. I thought they did. (sarcasm)


This Freezer is Out of Control

This freezer blew up two buses and a mini mart. This freezer is off the force.

It’s in beast mode


Jerry Sandusky’s Halftime Pep Talk to Himself 

Former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky’s trial for child sex abuse heard its closing arguments today. Earlier, we found this note crumpled up in the men’s bathroom at the courthouse.